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Examples of Websites Developed:

Bee-Alive Website

Bee Alive health suppliments e-commerce website allows administrators to easily add, modify and remove products. The site is integrated with their merchant account (Credit card processing company) to seamlessly allow for online ordering allowing approved purchases to be directly credited to their business checking account.

Need to sell products and services on-line? Let us help. With a full range of e-commerce services from simple paypal integration to merchant services account management including customer relationship manegement and order tracking. We can do it all.

Tri-Power Jobs

Tri-Power Jobs is a job listing website. Tri-Power consulting can easily import job listing from the providers they support and browse candidates that apply online. The application also allows them to search resumes for keywords and an advanced on-boarding process that allows users upload their vital documents for employment.

With experience in many search technologies, we can make it easy for you to sift through millions of records to find the best match. From Word documents, to PDFs to web pages.

Franklin Credit Manager

Franklin Credit Management needed a way to list REO properties in an attempt to sell them. They wanted to incorporate the Google Maps API, geolocation webservices as well as other data feeds.

API integration is a great way to leverage the power of the web. Google provides APIs for everything from hangouts to maps. Facebook also provides an extensive API. Integrating available services is a breeze for our developers.

Using, medical care providers can electronically enter or upload claim documents securely for processing by AIG Network. The full system includes an online portal as well as back-end processing system. We also worked on direct upload/download options for mass processing.

Integration of web-based applications with other back-end systems is a specialty we pride ourselves on.