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After 15+ years of software development experience in the New York City metropolitan area I am ready to use my knowledge of all facets of web / application / mobile development to lead a team of creative and development engineers in the creation of media for the future to come.


Team Leadership, Time Estimation, Project Documentation, Project Testing, Linux, Windows, PHP, LAMP, Codeigniter, CakePHP, Zend Framework, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, ColdFusion, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, DHTML, Javascript, AJAX, ASP, Visual Basic, VB .Net, C# .Net, JQuery, MooTools, NodeJS, Adobe Flash Actionscript

Work History, LLC 3/2013 to Present

  • CEO and Project Lead for web and mobile application development
  • Providing support and development for applications in PHP, Perl and ColdFusion
  • Utilizing application frameworks including Codeigniter, FuseBox, Cake and Zend
  • Cold Fusion Custom Tag Creation
  • jQuery and jQueryUI User Interface Design
  • Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL Database Management

Universal Printing Company 2/2013 to 2/2014

  • Object Oriented PHP Development on internal control systems
  • Object Oriented Perl Development on internal control systems
  • Invoice Management System (Perl, HTML,Javascript, MySQL)
  • Job process flow management system. (PHP / Perl, HTML,Javascript, MySQL)
  • jQuery and jQueryUI User Interface Design
  • MySQL Database Management

The Louis Berger Group 6/2012 to 12/2012

  • Lead a team of 3 developers and a part time graphic designer
  • Senior Level PHP Developer working on a team with one other senior level and two junior level developers utilizing Object Oriented PHP to manage internal systems for accounting, HR and a general intranet.
  • Evaluate, tested, recommended, implemented and integrated with the companys custom framework a search engine to search through resumes for the HR department (PHP, HTML,Javascript, MySQL)
  • Developed an on-boarding document system for new hires to fill out their on-boarding documents on-line before starting work. (PHP, HTML,Javascript, MySQL)
  • Worked on enhancements on many internal control system forms and databases. (PHP, HTML,Javascript, MySQL)
  • Worked with and made additions to custom framework using object oriented PHP 5.x and MySQL. Upgrades including a new class inheritance that upgraded view of html fields with an option to automatically highlight specific terms.

Tri-Power Consulting Services, LLC. 10/2010 to 5/2012

  • Spearheaded application development and managed a contracted graphic designer
  • Developed website and back-end database for job placement (PHP/MySQL)
  • Developed import/export routines to take data from suppliers and bring it into job placement site.(PHP/MySQL)
  • Developed custom online signature capture system (PHP, Flash, MySQL)
  • Developed employee time and expense tracking system (PHP/MS SQL)
  • Developed online device management system for proprietary internet connected devices (LAMP - RHEL 5)
  • Developed communications protocol between proprietary devices and RedHat Linux server
  • Developed custom TCP listener in NodeJS to accept communication from proprietary devices.
  • Detailed information cannot be provided without a signed NDA

Short-Term Projects 02/2009 to 10/2010

  • Lead on all projects working with various graphic designers and other contracted developers
  • Website created for ImmuneXL Dietary Supplements
  • Website Created for Bee-Alive Health and Beauty Projects
  • Website Modifications for RampUp Technologies
  • Website Modifications for Buzztxt Marketing Services
  • Website Modifications for HookupFeed Marketing Services
  • Database creation and modification
  • Android Enabled (Google) Cell Phone Application Development
  • .Net, AJAX, Classic ASP, Coldfusion, Java and PHP
  • Windows Server and Linux Application Development

Franklin Credit Management Corp., Jersey City, NJ08/2008 to 02/2009

  • Project lead working with graphics, database and development assets.
  • Hired by Transcend to work on CRM systems and Process Flow Management Systems using ColdFusion MX7 and 8 for Franklin Credit Management Company.
  • Supported, maintained, and upgraded classic ASP applications to Coldfusion.
  • Upgraded old Visual Basic Script tasks to ColdFusion scheduled tasks.
  • Worked with vendors APIs to develop transfer and communication links replacing old FTP transfer systems with web services.
  • Worked as project lead directing two developers.
  • Wrote custom SQL Server stored procedures.
  • Taught database programmers to use SQL Server Integration Services packages to replace old DTS Packages after upgrading from SQL 2000 to 2005.

AIG Network, Cedar Knolls, NJ05/2007 to 07/2008

  • Developed web based applications and web enabled applications in Classic ASP, ASP.Net, Visual Basic 6, SQL Server Integration Services, VB.Net and C#.Net
  • Managed database servers
  • Developed automated systems that connect to feeds from doctor's offices and feeds from major insurance companies and process the data communications between the two in a combination of VB .Net and C# .Net
  • Managed and maintained large scale web based application for insurance claims processing and tracking in a combination of VB .Net and Classic ASP
  • Managed and maintained C# .Net digital document management system
  • Wrote API DLLs for clients to easily interface with us via web services and ftp/http requests

Short Term Projects 05/2006 to 05/2007

  • Network, Database, Website, and Software Development Consulting. Worked with major banking firms as well as small businesses
  • Financial software for companies in the financial district of Manhattan using Cold Fusion with custom Java CFX Tags and a SQL back end such as cost basis calculation software and a class action search database
  • Data Integration projects combining data from a legacy system (PDP 11 using software written in BASIC) with data from a FoxPro data warehouse
  • Template driven high-level e-commerce packages using ASP and CSS
  • Dynamic mass mailing applications in VB .Net
  • Web site management desktop software in VB .Net
  • More information available upon request

HSH Associates, Pompton Plains, NJ 06/2003 to 05/2006

  • Upon completion of my year on scholarship at Valley Forge I Developed windows software packages as well as internet based applications for HSH
  • Graphic Design for websites and applications
  • Programming in languages such as Perl, ASP, Visual Basic 6, Visual Basic .Net, Visual C# .Net, Cold Fusion, Microsoft Visual Foxpro, HTML, Javascript, VBScript
  • Automation of basic daily tasks using VBScript.
  • Financial calculators (APR, Amortization, Credit Score, etc)
  • Mortgage data tracking systems and data delivery systems
  • Server management, Network architecture and management
  • .Net Web Services

Simple Solutions, Kinnelon, NJ 05/2000 to 06/2002

  • Webmaster and development manager
  • Managed, coded, and maintained 50+ web hosting client' websites
  • Developed early e-commerce websites
  • Developed early web community sites
  • Managed and maintained Windows NT and Unix/Linux web servers, mail servers, DNS servers and dial up access servers
  • Computer building and repair
  • Computer networking

HSH Associates, Butler, NJ 09/1997 to 03/2000 05/2000 to 06/2002

  • Web Design, Javascript, Perl, ASP, and Visual Foxpro Development
  • Unix and NT network integration assistant
  • Worked directly with CEOs and Presidents of hundreds of major mortgage banks to create web presences for them
  • Developed an advertising forum that connected consumers with major mortgage companies and allowed them to compare rates and services, as well as send information to the companies (as a "sales lead") for pre-qualification purposes
  • Developed JAVA applets for streaming mortgage rates and statistics from HSH and their advertisers to websites around the world